Friday, July 6, 2012

An Elemental Tale

An Elemental Tale

I'm going to back track a bit and showcase some costume designs from 2009. I had the opportunity to costume a play for a children's camp through a friend of mine, Miss Natalie Jones. The play is called An Elemental Tale and consists of children and adult characters as various animals and earthly elements such as the Moon, the Wind and the Earth. One of the many wonderful things about this play was that 3 generations of Miss Jones' amazing family were a part of this particular production. Natalie's mother, Ellie Anderson and her mother, Juanita Choukas co-wrote the play and Ellie directed and composed the music.  Natalie and her brothers have acted in different productions throughout the years, with she and her brother, Nick starring as the Sea and the Wind in this particular production.
This project was a blast - I took a lot of measurements of the cast and then began building the costumes at home. As we approached the performance dates I set up shop in Ellie's home so I could fit costumes properly and have a bit of help for the last few pieces. Our baby deer actress' mother made the deer costumes which was a big help at the last minute and they turned out great. Other parents helped provide things like leggings, black pants or green shirts for their kids as we needed them.
If anyone is interested in reading the script for this play, contact Ellie at 
I will be adding a link to her website soon!
More pictures will follow soon :)

The Moon - Miss Sophia Lapaglia

The Sun
Frog and Little Blue Bird
Momma and Baby Black-Eyed Susan 
The Sea and Wind - Baby Bunny and Baby Bear
Sea Creatures
Seahorse, Octopus, Starfish and The Sea

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