Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nomad Pizza Theater Curtains!

Hi Folks!
I'm going to catch you up on some projects from the last few months:
  • I have been trying to keep up with repair work - some well worn flannels, jeans and skirts needed some reinforcing. 
  • A handful of hem-jobs (haha!)
  • Resizing a button-down shirt
  • The beginning of my spring line of clothing: Plastic Spring
  • And my Theater-Curtain styled drapes
I'll start on the drapes and post the rest later :)

I finished the drapery project for Nomad Pizza in Philadelphia around November.
*Please note:
Nomad has the best Neapolitan style pizza in the city - If you haven't tried it yet, go. Now. And check out my sweet drapes! And get the Spicy Soppressata.

Nomad shows movies upstairs a few days a week so my idea was to create theater curtains to frame the screen. Each window has a valence and two panels which cover the pane and can be drawn open at the middle. 

Above you can see the process for making loops from which the panels hang.

I marked the floor with tape so I knew where to place each loop for each of the 6 panels. Then I taped the loops in place because the fabric was too thick for pins.

Here you see the liner pinned on top with the right sides together.

Always clip the corners :)

These strips below are for the back of the valences.

After sewing everything together and ironing like a madwoman, I had my sister and my mom help me hang the hardware and put the drapes up. Then we pinned the bottom of the panels up to the correct height.

My mom is the coolest.
My sister on coffee.
She is singing Led Zeppelin.

My sister had 2 cups of coffee, turned into Spongebob and then fell asleep promptly. 

My mom is a super-genius and the best seamstress I know so she was extremely helpful during this project :) THANKS MOM! 
Since the curtain panels were pinned individually they were all labeled for which window and which side they went to. This was important since we had a different sized space to cover for each of the 3 windows.

Here is my work space at home. After pinning I had to bring the curtains back home and hang them again so I could properly hem them. Then I added the gold fringe! Yay! I LOVE FRINGE!

I hand sewed the fringe in-between the layers of each panel and then pinned the fringe along the bottom so that it would hang about a quarter inch below the hem.

Then I sewed it in place using my 99k Singer. This machine has much more space under the presser foot than my Elna and will sew through anything you can fit under there like it ain't no thang.


 And after!

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  1. A family affair eh? Looking Good Cher!

    ...I love fringe too...:)