Saturday, July 13, 2013

Curtain Update and Other Projects

I found some gold tie backs for the drapes and I also added a sheer backdrop for each window so that the light could come through and not blind anyone and so you can't see the glass.

I'm so happy with how these turned out!

I always have lots of denim to repair for friends: here are some old cutoffs that I patched up. I will often cut out a new panel that reaches up to the top of the pockets and down to the crotch seam. This covers any holes and also reinforces the worn surrounding denim. I always use an overlock machine to finish the edges so nothing frays.

These are the standard shape I use. Sometimes I need to custom shape a new panel if the pants are an unusual design, but these two usually work fine. I always check the shape against the pants first before I cut patches and if these shapes aren't perfect, I can account for the change.

This is what the new panels look like on the inside.

And the outside! You can easily make these patches blend in or stand out depending on thread color. At first this kind of patch can feel bulky if the pants are a tighter fit, but after a. Few wears and washes they feel back to normal. I always advise my customers to cut any loose threads short and never pull on them since that will make the patch less sturdy.

In addition to patchwork, I had the opportunity to make some costume robes for a music video by Needle Points!

I made the middle three. I had limited time and fabric so the construction was pretty poor quality but I was able to take a few measurements like arm lengths and then construct some flowing sleeves and droopy hoods. I kept this very simple, and the whole length of the robes and the side panels were one piece.

Check out their music and video!


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